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Baptisms at Wesley

To become Christian is to receive a new identity. You no longer allow others to tell you who you are. Christ now claims you and instructs you. A Christian is one who has “put on Christ.”

Baptism celebrates becoming that new person. That is why the church’s ritual begins with putting off the old, renouncing sin and the evil powers of the world, and pledging our loyalty to Christ (for more on baptism information see (  

The Wesley Foundation at Georgia Southern University is a United Methodist Campus Ministry, and thus upholds the beliefs of the UMC in regards to baptism. We do not require you to share our beliefs, but they will guide our approach to baptisms.

- Anyone who has never been baptized before and professes faith in Jesus is eligible to be baptized.

- Anyone who has been baptized/christened at any age and in any denomination, and now professes faith in Jesus is eligible to take part in a celebration of your baptism (where you will lower and raise yourself in and out of the water, and then a Wesley staff member will pray for you).

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Join a Community Group

At Wesley we believe that life change happens in groups!  Each week during the semester we offer Community Groups to help create an environment where students can encounter Christ in an authentic community.  Community Groups meet on Monday and Tuesday nights at 7:30pm.

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